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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Proud to be Boiler, Proud to be a Boiler from HONG KONG - The Seng-Liang Wang Hall

Another close link between Hong Kong and Purdue - Our latest Engineering building @ WL campus name after the father of our HK Alum, Patrick Wang.

Proud to be a Boiler, Proud to be a Boiler from HK!


Purdue, PRF to dedicate Wang Hall as engineering grows to meet demand

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue University on Friday (Sept. 19) will move forward to meet the nation's demand for more engineers while keeping down the cost of higher education through a building based on an innovative public/private partnership.

Purdue and the Purdue Research Foundation will dedicate the new $38.9 million Seng-Liang Wang Hall, for which PRF is leasing space to the university and private businesses. The four-story, 147,000-square-foot building is located at 516 Northwestern Ave., across from the Purdue Mall and next to the Northwestern Avenue parking garage.   [more]

Seng-Liang Wang Hall is located just north of the Northwestern Avenue Parking Garage. It is designed primarily to provide laboratories, offices, conference rooms and support facilities for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. (Purdue University/Mark Simons)

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