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The Purdue Club Hong Kong is the official alumni organization of Purdue University in the Hong Kong SAR, China. We welcome any Purdue alumni or faculty, current students and parents, or any other related persons to participate. We also welcome your ideas for activities. Hail Purdue! Go Boilers!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

2014-08-02 Summer Gathering with current and new students

Back Row from Left: Emily Tse, Hinson Tse, Jonathan Yung, Ben Law
Middle Row from Left: Amy Tang, Adrian Fong, Kyle Li, Frankie Lam
Front Row from Left: Benjamin Peng, Vicks Chaang, Kristen and Cheryl Chen

Thank you very much for Ben Law to organize and coordinate with current HKSA's committee representative Jonathan to carry on our tradition to meet with new and current students before they head back to West Lafayette. It's always great to catch up with alum and learn about new things on campus from current students. We hope our HKSA can carry on and pass along our HK tradition and culture @ West Lafayette!! 

Special thanks to our alum Professor Benjamin Peng for all the marvelous pictures! :)

From left front to back: Ryan, Hinson, Jonathan, Emily, Kyle, Adrian, Ben
From right front to back: Kristen, Vicks, Cheryl, Benjamin, Amy and Frankie
From left front to back: Frankie, Amy, Benjamin, Ben, Cheryl, Vicks and Kristen
From right front to back: Adrian, Kyle, Emily, Jonathan, Hinson and Ryan
From Left: current student Adrian Fong, with alum Ben Law and Frankie Lam
Alum Amy with Benjamin
Current students Hinson and Jonathan
From Left: Alum Cheryl, with new incoming students Vicks and Kristen
New incoming student Ryan with current student Hinson

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