Purdue Club Hong Kong

The Purdue Club Hong Kong is the official alumni organization of Purdue University in the Hong Kong SAR, China. We welcome any Purdue alumni or faculty, current students and parents, or any other related persons to participate. We also welcome your ideas for activities. Hail Purdue! Go Boilers!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We are Purdue. Makers, All

Got a souvenir from one of my friend's recent visit to Purdue - who made me a future SOLAR RACE CAR driver LOL   I still have to follow up how these pass are made, yet just put a closer look to our new campaign (or i just missed out earlier?!): We are Purdue.  Makers All.

The Manifest (http://makersall.com/manifesto.php) on the site is really moving and I'm sure it'll touch EVERY Boiler's heart - no matter how long you've left campus!!  Many "facts" recapped are already "known facts" to many of us, yet still very touching how our alma mater offer, and MOVE the world :)

Unfortunately the complete site can't be view through mobile device at the moment, do check it out when you're in front of a desktop/notebook - We're Purdue, the PROUD Boilersmakers, and Makers, All!

Proud to be a Boilermakers, as always! :))   Hail Purdue!!

Emily Tse
(BSc ChemE, 2000)