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The Purdue Club Hong Kong is the official alumni organization of Purdue University in the Hong Kong SAR, China. We welcome any Purdue alumni or faculty, current students and parents, or any other related persons to participate. We also welcome your ideas for activities. Hail Purdue! Go Boilers!

Monday, April 02, 2012

2012 - Big 10 Happy Hour Round 1 (Picts)

Thanks for all who dropped by after a long MONTH of march (and w/o holiday for so long and month's end!) Had a fabulous time and hope you all had fun too! :)

Me with my fellow Boilers! From the left at the back:
Sindy, Jonathan, Chingyi, Adrian, Anfernee, Hitlon, Quentin
Yong, Me, Vivian and Priscilla in the front fow
(Sorry Sindy, Erwin and Flora didn't quite get you in this pict!) :P

Chingyi, nice to meet you and welcome to our Purdue Club HK family! Looking forward to seeing you in our future events! (and count on Hilton as he, Jon and Vivian will be organizing our next Boiler event!) :))))

Our future leader - Jonathan and Vivian :)

School reps from Michigan State, Northwestern, IU, and U Wisconsin - can't be done without the TEAM's work :)))

Jon, Hilton and Vivian, see you in next Boilers' events! :)

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