Purdue Club Hong Kong

The Purdue Club Hong Kong is the official alumni organization of Purdue University in the Hong Kong SAR, China. We welcome any Purdue alumni or faculty, current students and parents, or any other related persons to participate. We also welcome your ideas for activities. Hail Purdue! Go Boilers!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ideas for Gathering in July 2005

Hey all...

We're planning for a gathering for all Boilers, family & friends, current students (and parents too!) in HK - so throw out ideas for a potential July gathering *you can do so by leaving your ideas in the comment section*

*those who isn't here in HK is also welcome to suggest!!*

Let's have a blast before current students head back to Purdue for Fall 2005! :)


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Event Review - Wine Tasting Party (May 27, 2005)

Thanks for Peter Ho for the following summary - for those who's missed us - make sure you can join us next time! :)

Wine Tasting Party - May 27, 2005

Sixteen Purdue alumni, students and friend attended the Wine Tasting Party at the Butterfield's Club on Friday, 27 May 2005. It was an occasion for the Purdue attendees to get acquainted and exchange notes between the campus and HK. Thanks to Emily Tse who made many calls to alumni and current students, resulting in the respectable turnout. We also thank Ken Wai who registered the attendees as guests at the party.

Among the attendees were current officers of Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA) on Purdue campus: Hilton Tam (Vice President), Calvin Kong (Secretary), Lam Chi Keung (Treasurer), and Alice Choi (Committee Member). They have expressed willingness to work with Purdue Club of Hong Kong (PCHK) to exchange relevant news and, if appropriate, distribute notices of their counterparts to their own club members. When HKSA members return to work in HK, they will be the new blood of PCHK.

Regards, Peter Ho - - - - -

PS: Attached below is a list of attendees at the party
  • Cheng Reynold, PhD Comp Sc 2005
  • Choi Lai Sze Alice, Mgmt 2006
  • Ho Peter, BS Civil Engr 1964, MS Civil Engr 1965
  • Kelsay Evan, Mgmt 2006
  • Kong Calvin, BS Aero Engr 2007
  • Kwan Chi Hin, BS Math 1962
  • Lai Otto, BS Econ 2005
  • Lam Anfernee, BS Comp Sc 2000
  • Lam Chi Keung, BS Pharmacy 2007
  • Lee Edward, BS Comptr Engr 2000, MS Comptr Engr 2002
  • Lee Vincent, MS Civil Engr 2000
  • Ma Sarah, BS Physics 2001
  • Tam Hilton, BS Ind Engr 2007
  • Tse Emily, BS Chem Engr 2000
  • Wai Kee-Neng Kenneth, PharmD Pharmacy 1963